Monday, December 24, 2007

Welcome to My Midwinter Madness

As I was putting projects into my Ravelry profile (EditKnitBook), I realized that most of what I currently have on needles right now comes from Knitspot. Lace knitting is my drug of choice, and Anne has designed some amazing shawls in the past year, as well as socks, mitts and other luscious patterns.

I'm finishing up a tiny Casino Shawl for a Christmas gift, but my real motivation is to clear off the needle so I can cast on Simurgh. The bees are hibernating till spring. January and February belong to the ravens.

Several years ago I worked in the science and nature section of one of our local bookstores and discovered two books by Bernd Heinrich, Mind of the Raven and the earlier Ravens in Winter. I pulled them off my shelf again when I got the patterns and the yarn for the raven shawls. Ravens in Winter explores the intriguing behavior of ordinarily solitary ravens sharing food with one another during the winter. It seemed like a good image for a knitalong.

If you'd like to join me in my midwinter exploration of all things raven, send an email to editknitbook_at_mac_dot_com. I'm not as familiar with blogspot as I am with WordPress, so I'm learning as I go.

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