Friday, January 4, 2008

Simurgh is just the beginning

I discovered with the Beefields shawl that the stole makes a nice warm-up for the triangle shawl. In that case I started with the triangle and then picked up the stole midway through. I liked getting comfortable with the motifs without having to worry about the shifts on either side for the triangle increase. With the raven shawls, I decided to start with the stole (Simurgh) and then move to the shawl, which Anne is calling Irtfa'a. I ordered the yarn for both at the same time, and both patterns were out by the time I got the yarn.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,
I have both patterns and agree with your strategy of doing the stole first. there is a lot going on with the shawl's faroese shaping. I'm not quite ready to cast on so I'll watch from the sidelines, but good luck with the KAL.
Linda M.